Join Us
Our goal is to promote waterskiing as a fun individual or family activity.  You do not have to be an expert skier, or own a competition ski boat.  You are welcome no matter what your skiing ability or the type of boat your own.  If you enjoy water skiing and want to improve your skills, learn to ski the slalom course, or just hang out with others with the same interest, do not miss out on the enjoyment of club skiing.
Who May Join?
Why Join?
Learn to ski the slalom course from veteran skiers.

Improve your skiing through the club ski clinics.

Participate in local tournaments.

Opportunities to hang out with other skiers.

Help the club to continue to provide public ski site.

Help support the protection of the rights of skiers.

Cost is only $30 a person or $60 a family

MAIL TO:  Tom Tanner
PO Box 169
Huddleston, VA 24104